Need some support for your trainings: here some online fitness resources that might help you!

Fitness videos and nutritional guides. Their claimed success comes from the variety of exercises offered.

Here you can map your route / track your activity / log your food / share with friends

Their claim “social experience for active people”: here people can share their training experiences

Community based social fitness network with a large user base and many information on diet and health

Their claim “combining the latest software technology with sound information and services from the world’s leading health and fitness experts”

Another all-in-one fitness community: log your workouts / research exercises / calculate your BMI…

Some features: Map new running routes from cities all across the world and log your personal activities

Let you find and create routes near you

Source: Fit hacks

The first lab-grown muscle that flexes


Researchers have grown the first human skeletal muscle that is able to contract and respond.

According to a press release from the University, the muscle is able to respond to external stimuli such as “electrical pulses, biochemical signals and pharmaceuticals,” much in the same way native tissue does.  The hope is that the muscle will give scientists the ability to test new drugs or study diseases in the lab rather than on a human body.

Read more about it – Source: Duke University