Ever dreamt of living in the threes? Take a look at these fantastic inspirational three-houses

Wanna live in a three-house? Why don’t you? Look at some examples from around the world

1. Inhabit Treehouse


(Image credits: antonygibbondesigns)

2. Nanshan Treehouse Resort (South China Sea)

Nanshan Treehouse Resort

3. Soneva Kiri Treepod, Thailand

Soneva Kiri Treepod

(Image credits: myvisaluxuryhotels)

4. Three Story Treehouse (British Columbia, Canada)

Three Story Treehouse

(Image credits: imgur.com)

5. Mirror Tree House (Sweden)

Mirror Tree House

(Designed by: Tham & Videgard)

6. The Bird’s Nest Tree House (Sweden)

The Birds Nest Tree House

(Designed by: inredningsgruppen.se)

7. The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada)

The HemLoft Treehouse

(Image credits: Joel Allen)

8. Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee, USA)

Ministers Treehouse

(Image credits: imgur.com)

9. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Yellow Treehouse

(Designed by: Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett)

10. Treehouse in Muskoka (Ontario, Canada)

Treehouse in Muskoka

(Image credits: imgur.com)

11. Treehouse in Seattle (USA)

Treehouse in Seattle

(Image credits: jasfitz)

12. Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi (Japan)

Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi

(Designed by: Takashi Kobayashi)

13. Senior Center Turned Treehouse (Ghent, Belgium)

Senior Center Turned Treehouse

(Designed by: Benjamin Verdonck)

14. Plane Treehouse (Costa Rica)

Plane Treehouse

15. Teahouse Tetsu (Yamanashi, Japan)

Teahouse Tetsu

(Image credits: Amazon.com)

16. Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses (Canada)

Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses

(Image credits:freespiritspheres.com)

17. O2 Treehouse (USA)

O2 Treehouse

(Designed by: o2treehouse.com)

18. Treehouse for Birds and People (Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan)

Treehouse for Birds and People

(Designed by:nendo)

19. Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse (Costa Rica)

Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Treehouse

(Image credits: Anders Birch)

20. The Burning Man Steampunk Treehouse

The Burning Man Steampunk Treehouse

(Image credits: flickr)

Source: 9Thing

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