Australia the land of Growth

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Each year, when the statistics about livability are published, Australia always finds its way in amongst some of the best countries to live in and travel to.  However claiming that it has some of the best cities in the world doesn’t say much when we neglect to talk about what our industry growth is like and what sectors will be the best/safest to find work in.

It’s all well and good to move or travel to Australia because a blog post told you to (see also blog page), but realistically you need to do a little bit more research before you decide to take the plunge.

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Source: expatvisa

How to detect Alzheimer’s disease? Let’s ask 15 year old Krtin Nithiyanandam from the UK…

Krtin NithiyanandamUp until now Alzheimer’s can only be detected through cognitive tests.
Krtin Nithiyanandam from the UK has developed an antibody which attaches to the neurotoxic proteins that are typically to be present in the very first stages of the disease. Through the fluorescent particles connect to the antibody the brain scan can trace the disease.

We congratulate Krtin and are excited see to how this will further develop.

Source / Read more: The Telegraph

How to globally find / add and rate health care providers near you…


Are you looking for a health care provider (physician, dermatologist, dentist, clinic, hospital,…) near you or anywhere in the world?

Are you working as an expatriate in a foreign country, are you traveling around or are you just looking for a new health provider

You can find more than 4M health providers HERE


Your health providers are not yet listed?

Or you want to recommend some good health provider (physician, dermatologist, dentist, clinic, hospital,…) to others?

It is easy: just REGISTER, make sure you’re logged in and ADD them to Medihoo

The community will benefit from the providers you have added!

Dresetid you know Medihoo is a big community where members guide each other towards high quality health care.

It is easy: just REGISTER, make sure your logged in, find your provider and click “rate this provider”

The community as well as the provider will benefit from your feedback!

This infographic gives you an overview of what you can do on Medihoo. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us under


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Teaching next wave of doctors with Microsoft’s hololens

Changing from two dimensional to three dimensional teaching in medicine can help students to quicker understand complex issues.

Through holographic technologie they can walk around anatomical models of the human body and look at different muscles, bones and organs work.

Watch the video and see this new technology can meaningfully be put to use:

Source: Engadget