Critical Care in Neurology

“Critical Care in Neurology addresses the day-to-day management of patients in neurointensive care units, and in particular the clinical approach to common neurocritical conditions.”

By Kitchener, Hashem, Wahba, Khalaf, Zarif, Mansoor / 2012 Edition / 118 pages

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Anatomy at a glance

“The study of anatomy has changed enormously…no longer medical students have to spend ling hours in the dissection room…However students still have examinations to pass and in this book the authors, a surgeon and an anatomist, have tried to provide means of rapid revision without any frills…”

Omar Faiz, David Moffat / Blackwell Science / 2002 / 176 pp

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Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

Merck online Manual

“Find information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, written for the health care professional in everyday language.”

18th edition /  Robert S. Porter, Justin L. Kaplan, (Editors) /Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. / >3000 pp

Source: Merck Manual

Surgical Treatment Evidence-Based and Problem-Oriented

“Surgical Treatment – Evidence-Based and Problem-Oriented” is based upon a concept which the editors believe will become increasingly important in the preparation of clinical textbooks in the 21st century, namely the quality of the evidence upon which currently accepted clinical practice is based needs to be assessed frankly and taken into account when recommendations for patient treatment are made…” 

Holzheimer, Rene G.; Mannick, John A. (Editors) / W. Zuckschwerdt Verlag GmbH / 2001 / 868 pp

Source: NCBI

Drug Class Reviews

“The Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) is a collaboration of public entities, the Center for Evidence-based Policy and the Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center, who have joined together to produce systematic, evidence-based reviews of the comparative effectiveness and safety of drugs in many widely used drug classes, and to apply the findings to inform public policy and related activities in local settings.”

Drug Effectiveness Review Project / 2011
Source: NCBI

Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Disease

“From HIV to influenza, the battle between infectious agents and the immune system is at the heart of disease. Knowledge of how and why parasites vary to escape recognition by the immune system is central to vaccine design, the control of epidemics, and our fundamental understanding of parasite ecology and evolution. As the first comprehensive synthesis of parasite variation at the molecular, population, and evolutionary levels, this book is essential reading for students and researchers throughout biology and biomedicine.”

Steven A. Frank / Princeton University Press / 2002 / 359 pp

Source: NCBI

Cardiology Explained

Cover of Cardiology Explained“Cardiology Explained” explains the basic physiology and pathophysiologic mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in a straightforward and diagrammatic manner, gives guidelines as to when referral is appropriate, and, uniquely, explains what the specialist is likely to do.I

Ashley and Niebauer  Publisher: Remedica
243 pp
Source: NBCI