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Helping people in need...Medihoo Charity

We do not stop at sharing information but go a step further…

We donate a large part of the membership-fees and revenues to health care-charities.

We are a great believer of small locally organized charities. Therefore we will inform in this blog section about some of these nice initiatives so that they can get the attention they merit.

If you know in your region any good small health related charities you can always draw our attention to it by writing us under

“Nicht nur für Weltreisende” – Tageblatt Interview with Jeroen Van de Velde (Founder of Medihoo)

by Jean-Philippe Schmit

Tageblatt Interview

  Tageblatt Interview 

On Monday 20 April 2015 in the “Economy” section of the Tageblatt an interview appeared titled “Nicht nur für Weltreisende”.

In this interview Jeroen Van de Velde – Founder of Medihoo – explains Medihoo’s goal to bring high quality health care closer to the people and emphasizes the community-based character of Medihoo.

He says the globale health provider search platform is not merely a place where people can find health care providers all over the world, but it also a community where everyone can contribute and recommend good health care providers by adding them to Medihoo or by filling in the satisfaction surveys.

Read the article: Nicht nur für Welreisende (German language)

Source : Tageblatt ­ 20.04.2015 - page 17 - Reproduction authorized by
luxorr ­- All reproductions need to be approved by <>

Microsoft Case-Study on Medihoo’s use of Azure technology

Medihoo’s Azure Case-Study 

Read the original story here
Author: Microsoft

Sharing good care in every corner of the world through cloud-based search

As a startup with big plans for its healthcare search website, Medihoo needed fast, powerful search capabilities that didn’t require a heavy investment in new infrastructure. The company chose to build its site on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with the Azure Search solution, which offers fast performance, comprehensive functionality, and geospatial and support in multiple languages. They now can help everyone—especially expatriates and travelers—find high-quality healthcare no matter where in the world they are.

  • “The fact that Azure has data centers around the world means we have the ability to process search requests close to the user’s geographic location and deliver a highly available experience at all times. That global availability was one of the biggest reasons we went with Azure.”  Rik Delva / RealDolmen / Project Manager

  • “The speed and performance of Azure Search are a huge competitive advantage for us…. This technology helps us deliver search results fast and offers us the detailed search capabilities that give our users exactly what they need.“ Jeroen Van de Velde / Medihoo / Founder

  • “The fact that Azure has data centers around the world means we have the ability to process search requests close to the user’s geographic location and deliver a highly available experience at all times. That global availability was one of the biggest reasons we went with Azure.” Rik Delva / RealDolmen / Project Manager

  • “The speed and performance of Azure Search are a huge competitive advantage for us…. This technology helps us deliver search results fast and offers us the detailed search capabilities that give our users exactly what they need.“ Jeroen Van de Velde / Medihoo / Founder

For many people, dealing with a new health issue is as simple as calling their physician. But what if you’re living in a foreign city? Where would you even begin to look for medical help? Or what if you’re a local citizen simply wanting a new healthcare provider? Where would you go to find the most detailed information about a physician?

That’s a question that weighed heavily on Jeroen Van de Velde. As a Belgian citizen living in France and working in Luxembourg for a large health insurance company serving expatriates, he saw the challenge up close. “I realized it was extremely difficult for expatriates or even travelers to get access to high-quality healthcare and find good providers,” Van de Velde says. “A lot of people who work for global companies move from country to country, and they’re missing a consistent way to find healthcare. In many cases, there’s also a language barrier.”

In his research, Van de Velde did not find a good global healthcare solution that people could rely on to search for providers. “There were some regional and national medical search platforms, but no global ones,” he says.

Seeing an opportunity and a need, he started Medihoo, a global platform designed especially for expatriates and international travelers so they can easily locate providers and receive high-quality healthcare. “It’s difficult to define quality, so from our perspective, it had to start with transparency and accessibility,” Van de Velde says. “More than just a list of providers and ratings, Medihoo had to include everything from information on a facility’s cleanliness to the actual treatment received.”

Looking for global scalabilityon a limited budget

Van de Velde knew that building the Medihoo platform was going to be a major challenge, given the company’s small size. “As a startup, we don’t have any developers, and we had a very limited IT budget,” he says. “But somehow, we still had to find powerful and scalable search technology to make this a reality. To execute our vision, we needed to find a technology partner.”

That partner turned out to be RealDolmen, a large Belgian IT solution provider and Microsoft partner with 12 Gold and 7 Silver competencies. RealDolmen recommended that Medihoo deploy its solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. “They had limited resources, but they wanted to scale the solution globally and make sure they could continue scaling as the solution grew and added more healthcare provider information,” says Rik Delva, Project Manager, RealDolmen. “That’s why we recommended Azure. It supports the ‘start small, scale fast’ scenario Medihoo needed, and helps them keep operational costs low.”

Deploying a powerful solution that searches more than 4 million providers

RealDolmen also recommended that Medihoo take advantage of Azure Search, a solution that developers can use to integrate robust search functionality into their applications. “Azure Search provided search-as-a-service, which was critical for Medihoo because it doesn’t have the staff to maintain virtual machines or clusters,” Delva says. “They don’t want to have to worry about things like making upgrades and fixes to a cluster.”

Medihoo was also impressed with the search capabilities of Azure Search. “We wanted to provide customers with an experience similar to what they have on the enterprise search engines they’re used to,” says Van de Velde. “That meant offering sophisticated features like relevance and search suggestions, and Azure Search is robust enough to offer that.” Van de Velde was also interested in the way Azure Search can easily tune results and create detailed ranking models. “Ranking and search refinements are critical for our solution, and we knew Azure Search could support that,” he says.

Another key Azure Search feature was its geospatial support. “That’s essential for Medihoo, because the solution needs to search the nearest providers and pinpoint them on a map,” says Toon De Coninck, Microsoft Azure Software Engineer at RealDolmen. “All of that information, along with providers’ pictures, is indexed in Azure Search.” Support in multiple languages was also critical for Medihoo. “The solution needs to support five languages, with more in the future, and Azure Search can deliver that,” says De Coninck.

RealDolmen worked with Medihoo to develop a search platform containing a database with 4.2 million healthcare providers worldwide, 70,000 hospitals, and 2,000 different healthcare specialties and subspecialties. The platform incorporates Azure Web Roles to host the front-end website, and it uses Azure Worker Roles to index the data from a SQL Database to the Azure Search index. The solution also includes Azure Blob and Table Storage to store data.

Delivering a scalable, highly available platform

With its Azure-based solution, Medihoo can scale to support expected future growth. “With Microsoft Azure, we have a lot of confidence that we can scale the system to add many more healthcare providers,” says Van de Velde. “There is a lot of room to grow.” The solution also ensures high availability especially for expatriates and travelers searching the system around the clock, no matter where they are. “The fact that Azure has data centers around the world means we have the ability to process search requests close to the user’s geographic location and deliver a highly available experience at all times,” says Delva. “That global availability was one of the biggest reasons we went with Azure.”

Finding a competitive advantage through ultra-fast search

Because Azure Search supports fast search indexing and querying, Medihoo can offer its users the high-performance search capabilities they need. “We’re seeing queries come back in about 200 milliseconds, which is many times faster than we saw using a relational database technology,” says Van de Velde. “We are continuing to test the indexing and querying results, and we’re very satisfied with the speed of the solution.”

As a result, Medihoo users can find the right match for their specific healthcare needs. “The speed and performance of Azure Search are a huge competitive advantage for us,” Van de Velde says. “If users don’t find the right healthcare provider quickly, they’ll turn to other search platforms. This technology helps us deliver search results fast and offers us the detailed search capabilities that are giving our users exactly what they need.”

Helping to improve the quality of healthcare

The Medihoo platform is also helping people guide others to high-quality care, through the use of six-question satisfaction surveys. Medihoo uses an Azure Search algorithm to generate each healthcare provider’s overall score, pushing the highest-rated providers up in the ranking. “Our motto is ‘Let’s Share Good Care,’ so we don’t want people to be negative,” says Van de Velde. “We are trying to motivate expatriates and others to suggest good healthcare providers. By filling out the satisfaction survey, a user can choose to highly recommend a provider, which really helps the overall Medihoo community find the best care possible.”

The surveys are helping healthcare providers, too, by providing quality-care benchmarks. “The satisfaction information isn’t just there for people searching for providers—it’s also for the providers themselves, because the surveys can be important indicators of where they stand in terms of quality,” says Van de Velde. “They are listening to what their patients are saying, and if the surveys give them a better understanding of the areas they might want to improve. It’s all about improving the quality of healthcare globally, which is our primary goal.”

Meeting users’ need for multiple languages

Medihoo will also be able to meet the language needs of its users as the solution expands. “We currently support English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and German, and we will be able to add Portuguese and Turkish in the near future with the Azure Search indexing and search technology,” says Van de Velde. “This is key for us, because if there is a Spanish-speaking person living in China, that person still needs to be able to search in Spanish. That’s the kind of complexity we need to offer, and Azure Search supports it.”

That complexity will also help Medihoo make the solution even more powerful. “We will be able to offer even greater detail, such as giving users the opportunity to filter their search to just show Dutch-speaking providers who are open at a specific hour, for example,” says Van de Velde. “We also expect to use Azure for predictive analysis of the traffic on the site. We’re very excited about these initiatives, and we are pleased to have chosen the right technology and the right partner to make it all possible.”

Medihoo European AppCup winner

Medihoo named winner in the European AppCup – Venue Impressions & Press Release

Medihoo Named Winner in CityNext Category of the 2015 European AppCpp

Third annual Microsoft-sponsored competition recognizes excellence in European application development



Brussels, Belgium — March 25, 2015 — in Brussels, Medihoo from Luxembourg was named as the winner of the Microsoft CityNext category in the company’s third annual European AppCup, a competition created to recognize innovative application development in Europe. Medihoo’s winning application was created to help users share their healthcare experiences and create a database of trusted and well-reviewed medical professionals. The app can be downloaded here.

The competition began with entries from 27 countries, and 9 finalists from 8 countries competed for prizes in three categories – business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and Microsoft CityNext which was focused on applications to help improve cities.

The competition was held as part of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners’ (IAMCP) annual Europe Summit, which brings together 2000 IAMCP and Microsoft BizSpark members from across Europe. It is the largest gathering of European IAMCP partners that facilitates networking, business development, and European policy discussions.

Speaking at the event, Celine Bremaud, vice president of the Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners group for Microsoft in Europe, the Middle East and Africa said, “Our core mission at Microsoft is to reinvent productivity to empower every individual and organization to achieve more. We have a long-term commitment to partnering with Europe to help its start-ups, developers and small businesses thrive, and the European AppCup is a fantastic opportunity to recognize these amazing European innovators who are creating applications that are helping people achieve more and entertain more.”

Upon being named winner, Jeroen Van de Velde, founder of MediHoo, said: “MediHoo is about bringing healthcare closer to the people. We are a community-based business, so events like these are very important to network and connect with both individuals and potential business partners who can help grow our community and ensure everyone can get access to good healthcare providers, no matter where they are.”

Let’s Share Good Care

Featured image

Medihoo helps people to find, add and evaluate good healthcare all over the world. More than 1000 different types of healthcare providers like hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentists, dietitians, psychologists, opticians, ambulance services and many many more can register at and create (without charges) their own basic profile with a picture and a short description.

Introduction to Medihoo

Medihoo has been Founded in 2014 by chairman Jeroen Van de Velde with the purpose to help people find, recommend and evaluate good healthcare providers on an international level.

What does this mean?

For Clients:

People can search, find, add and evaluate more then 1000 different types of healthcare providers! Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, opticias, pharmacies, hospitals, ambulance services, and many many more!

Let’s share good care!

For Providers:

Being aware of the importance of visibility, accessibility, transparency of healthcare offers, providers can register, upload pictures, give detailed descriptions of who they are and what they offer, can show their banners, find benchmarkpartners.

Medihoo, your professional face to the world! 

Partners of Medihoo can integrate the searchengine in their website to improve the support they give to their clients if they are looking for good care:’Insurer compagnies, embassies, travel agencies, companies that send out expats, …

Help your clients, let us help you!

More than 4 million providers are listed allready!!!!

Why is it important to see healthcare in a translocal even international perspective?

  • Increased use of internet and mobility led to an increased willingness of people to look far beyond local borders to find good healthcare GRAPHIC
  • Increased specialisation of different care offers: more and more specific centers are hyper specialized in one type of care to provide care to a huge region.
  • Increased health tourisme GRAPHIC
  • Increased tendency of people to change their living region for work, family, studies, ……GRAPHIC
  • Potential clients are more aware of the importance of visibility, accessibility, transparency of healthcare offers. They’ll be prepared to go further away to find this convincing qualities
  • To auto-evaluate and imorove quality there is a strong need for finding comparable benchmarkpartners. Often this is only possible far beyond local borders.

Be inviting to people from all over the world!!!

Why do we include many types of healthcareproviders?

  • increased collaboration between medical, paramedical and other healthcare providers asked for another approach. One database, one platform for one heterogenous family around one client.
  • fragmentation of health reduces quality, therefor we want to bring clients and providers closer together
  • Why exclude some types of healthcare providers, knowing that they all share the same purposes: improving your health, increasing your happiness, taking care of you in a most professional way!
  • We can learn from eachother! The divirsity in approaches, presentations, visions, methods etc etc can be enormously enriching!