Simply amazing…you wanna know what it’s like to walk on air?

Check this out…

Visiting China? Try out this new trail path in China’s Tianmen mountain park which is partially constructed with glass plates and offers a unique feeling of walking on air.

Here some numbers:

Glass: 2.5 Inch

Length: 200 feet (61 meters)

Hight: 4700 feet (1430 meters)

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views looking down the 200-foot path

visitors look out over the edge of the cliff known as ‘heavenly gate mountain’

a small lookout section

Source: Designboom

Bring color in your live by visiting one of these places…

There are so many colorful places on earth that can be visited. Here is a handful of them…

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During the summer months the lavender fields enchant with a beautiful deep purple color.

Do you want to know which routes to follow? Check out this link: La Lavande au fil des routes






During springtime in Holland the tulips of all varieties blossen in many different colors and create a natural carpet of incredible beauty.




Luoping County (Chinese: 罗平县; pinyin: Luópíng Xiàn) is located in Qujing Prefecture, Yunnan, China.

The county of Luoping in eastern Yunnan is noted for its beautiful scenery in spring, when its fields of canola (also known as rapeseed) flowers are in full bloom, surrounding the area’s mountains with a sea of golden flowers to spectacular effect.

Located near where Yunnan meets Guizhou and Guangxi, Luoping is about 240 kilometers east of Kunming. Not unlike the terraced fields of Yuanyang in southern Yunnan, Luoping’s canola fields attract many photographers.

Luoping’s golden beauty lasts until late June. (wikipedia)



Valley of Flowers National Park is an Indian national park, located in West Himalaya, in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora. This richly diverse area is also home to rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear,[1] snow leopard,[1] musk deer, brown bear, red fox,[1] and blue sheep. Birds found in the park include Himalayan Monal Pheasant and other high altitude birds. At 3352 to 3658 meters above sea level, the gentle landscape of the Valley of Flowers National Park complements the rugged mountain wilderness of Nanda Devi National Park to the east. Together, they encompass a unique transition zone between the mountain ranges of the Zanskar and Great Himalaya. The park stretches over an expanse of 87.50 km² and it is about 8 km long and 2 km wide. Both parks are encompassed in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (223,674 ha) which is further surrounded by a buffer zone (5,148.57 km²). This Reserve is in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2004. (wikipedia)



Shibazakura Hill, a beautiful spring sightseeing spot located in Hitsujiyama Park, overlooks the entire city area of Chichibu. About 400,000 moss phloxes are in full bloom from early in April to early in May on a hill that is approximately 17,600 square meters in size. Furthermore, approximately 1,000 cherry trees, including yoshino cherry, weeping cherry, and double-petal cherry trees, planted in the park, blossom out in April. The moss phloxes and cherry trees serve as colorful harbingers of spring in April. (Saitama)



10 exiting places you perhaps didn’t know existed

Some hand made and natural marvels of the world. Perhaps to put on your “must-visit” list? Check them out…

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1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala

40 Wonders of the World - 01Semuc Champey is a natural monument in the department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, near the Q’eqchi’ Maya town of Lanquín. It consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabón River. (Wikipedia)

2. Viñales Valley, Cuba

40 Wonders of the World - 02
The valley has an area of 132 km2 (51 sq mi) and is located in the Sierra de los Órganos mountains (part of Guaniguanico range), just north of Viñalesm in the Pinar del Río Province. (Wikipedia)

3. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

40 Wonders of the World - 03
Mount Roraima lies on the Guiana Shield in the southeastern corner of Venezuela’s 30,000-square-kilometre (12,000 sq mi) Canaima National Park forming the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range. The tabletop mountains of the park are considered some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back to some two billion years ago in the Precambrian. (Wikipedia)

4. Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval, France

40 Wonders of the World - 04April 1879. During one of his rounds, Ferdinand Cheval, rural postman, 43, stumbles against such an odd stone that it awakes a dream. Real self-taught, he devotes 33 years of his life to build a dream palace in his garden alone. His inspiration comes from nature, postcards and the very first illustrated magazines that he deals. (Palais Ideal)

5. Chapelle St-Michel d’Aiguilhe, France

40 Wonders of the World - 05Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe is a chapel in Aiguilhe, near Le Puy-en-Velay, France, built in 962 on a volcanic plug 85 metres (279 ft) high. The chapel is reached by 268 steps carved into the rock. It was built to celebrate the return from the pilgrimage of Saint James. (Wikipedia) – Website: Rocher St Michel

6. Ruins of Leptis Magna, Libya

40 Wonders of the World - 06Leptis Magna was a prominent city of the Roman Empire. Its ruins are located in Khoms, Libya, 130 km (81 mi) east of Tripoli, on the coast where the Wadi Lebda meets the sea. The site is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. (Wikipedia)

7. The Archeological Site of Meroë, Sudan

40 Wonders of the World - 07
Meroë is an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile about 6 km north-east of the Kabushiya station near Shendi, Sudan, approximately 200 km north-east of Khartoum. Near the site are a group of villages called Bagrawiyah. This city was the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries. The Kushitic Kingdom of Meroë gave its name to the Island of Meroë, which was the modern region of Butana, a region bounded by the Nile (from the Atbarah River to Khartoum), the Atbarah and the Blue Nile. (Wikipedia)

8. Cuicul (Djémila), Algeria

40 Wonders of the World - 08In 1982, Cuicul (Djémila) became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique adaptation of Roman architecture to a mountain environment. Significant buildings in ancient Cuicul include a theatre, two fora, temples, basilicas, arches, streets, and houses. The exceptionally well preserved ruins surround the forum of the Harsh, a large paved square with an entry marked by a majestic arch. (Wikipedia)

9. Lauca World Biosphere Reserve

40 Wonders of the World - 09
Lauca is a Biosphere Reserve, located in northern Chile, in Arica y Parinacota Region. The reserve comprises three protected areas: Lauca National Park, Las Vicuñas National Reserve and Salar de Surire Natural Monument. This zone was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1981. (Wikipedia)

10. Maelifell, Iceland

40 Wonders of the World - 10Mt. Mælifell (Measure-hill)  is located in southern Iceland and is about 800 meters tall,  it is reachable only by a four-wheeled vehicle and is on the southern Fjallabak road next to the glacier Mýrdalsjökull, the road is usually wet and sometimes even completely flooded. (Amazing Places)

List Source: Places You’ll See
Most of the text originates from Wikipedia

You know the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan? Have a look at these everyday-life-pictures

The stunning photos offer a glimpse of Bhutan that many will never see – a country where success is measured by happiness instead of GDP – and its gross national happiness (GNH) takes precedent over material wealth and riches.

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Young Buddhist monks gather in front of the King's Palace in the capital city, Thimpu, in this photo, taken by His Majesty the King of Bhutan

Tibetan prayer flags overlooking Himalayan Mountains. In Bhutan, prayer flags are hoisted for happiness, long life, prosperity, luck and to offer karmic merit to all sentient beings. When someone dies, prayer flags are believed to guide the soul of the dead away from the netherworld

The pink lotus is  generally reserved for the highest deity, sometimes confused with the white lotus it is the lotus of the historical Buddha

Traditional Bhutanese painting in progress. In Bhutan, success is measured by happiness - and its gross national happiness (GNH) takes precedent over material wealth and riches.

The magnificent King’s Palace - or Dechencholing Palace - in Thimpu, which was built in 1953

Guards on duty at Tashichhodzong, Thimphu. The country is known for its natural scenic and cultural highlights and its welcoming people

The 170-foot Buddha Dordenma Statue, one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world, overlooking the  Thimphu Valley

Walking Buddha looks out over Centenary Park, Thimphu. The country has always drawntravellers thanks to its majestic Himalayan scenery

A Bhutanese boy sits alone as the country prepares for its first International festival, a ten-day celebration coinciding to the King's birthday

The impressive Buddha Dordenma Statue in silhouette. The ten-day celebration of arts and culture begins on February 14

A lone man washes among traditional wooden boats in Thimphu. The festival will coincide with the 5th King’s 35th birthday celebration and Losar, the Buddhist New Year

Prayer flags are raised outside homes, hung on bridges, hilltops, and places of spiritual importance

A Buddhist monk holds a red lotus flower, symbolising the original nature of the heart (hrdaya). It is the lotus of love and compassion

An elderly man snoozes on a traditional wooden boat. Until recently, Bhutan has been isolated due to geographical location, allowing it to retain its unique culture and heritage

Source: MailOnline

Thinking about planing a beach-holiday this year? Well check out these beautiful beaches

Seeing these beaches may make your heart beat faster!

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Navagio Beach

Navagio Beachflickr/dkilim

Shipwreck Beach, is an exposed cove, sometimes referred to as ‘Smugglers Cove’, on the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece. It has been so named since 1983, when the alleged smuggler ship Panagiotis was wrecked on the beach while transporting cigarettes. located on the north-west shore of Zakynthos (Zante), in the Municipality of Elation. The area is defined by its sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear blue water, which attract thousands of tourists yearly. The strip of beach is accessed only by boat. Regular tours to the beach depart from Porto Vromi to the south, and from Agios Nikolaos and Cape Skinari to the north-east. Boats also arrive from the harbour of Zakynthos city. (wikipedia)

The Baths

The Baths are a beach area on the island of Virgin Gorda among the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island’s volcanic origins, which deposited granite that eroded into piles of boulders on the beach. The boulders form natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches, and scenic grottoes that are open to the sea.[2] The largest boulders are about 40 feet (12 m) long.

Since 1990, the area has been a BVI National Park as are the adjacent bays, and the area is a major tourist attraction, with swimming and snorkelling being the main attractions. (Wikipedia)


Tapuaetai or One Foot Island is one of 22 islands in the Aitutaki atoll of the Cook Islands. It is located on the southeastern perimeter of Aitutaki Lagoon immediately to the southwest of the larger island of Tekopua, seven kilometres to the east of the main island of Aitutaki. (Wikipedia)

Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Ratflickr/Emich

Often referred to as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn (translated from the local Chakavian dialect), is a spit of land located about 2 kilometres (1 mile) west from the harbour town of Bol on the southern coast of the Croatian island of Brač, in the region of Dalmatia. It extends into the Hvar Channel, a body of water in the Adriatic Sea between the islands of Brač and Hvar, which is home to strong currents. The landform itself is mostly composed of a white pebble beach, with a Mediterranean pine grove taking up the remainder. (wikipedia)


Due to its calm waters even during storms; official translation name Blue Lagoon) is a small village and beach resort in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey, at the conjunction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It is located 14 km (9 mi) to the south of Fethiye, near Mount Babadağ.

Ölüdeniz remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. It has a secluded sandy bay at the mouth of Ölüdeniz, on a blue lagoon. The beach itself is a pebble beach. The lagoon is a national nature reserve and construction is strictly prohibited. The seawater of Ölüdeniz is famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, while its beach is an official Blue Flag beach, frequently rated among the top 5 beaches in the world by travelers and tourism journals alike. (Wikipedia)

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bayflickr/zeandroid

Trunk Bay is a body of water and a beach on Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands. It has consistently been voted one of the Ten Best Beaches in The World by Condé Nast Traveler magazine and has received similar recognition from other publications. The National Geographic Society has labeled Trunk Bay as the most beautiful beach in the world. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island whose amenities include a snack bar, showers and restrooms, lifeguards, and an underwater trail for snorkeling its coral reef. Trunk Bay is the only National Park beach on Saint John which requires a fee to visit. (Wikipedia)

Maya Bay

Maya Bayflickr/chilsta

Maya Bay is popular for diving, and has become even more popular after the 2000 movie The Beach was filmed there. According to the Lonely Planet’s Thailand guidebook, the 2004 tsunami dramatically improved the look of Maya Bay. This was due to the fact that the high waves had cleaned up the beach and removed all the landscaping the Fox production team had added.

The main dive sites are at Loh Samah, Maya Bay entrance and Palong Bay, and are often combined with diving at Ko Bida Noi, a rocky outcrop some 500 meters south of Loh Samah. (Wikipedia)

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beachflickr/Vandelizer

Whitehaven Beach is a 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island, Australia. The island is accessible by boat from the mainland tourist ports of Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour, as well as Hamilton Island. The Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim is a 2 km open swimming competition held on the Beach in November each year as part of the Hamilton Island Triathlon Event. The 2012 event was held on 11 November 2012

The beach was awarded Queensland’s Cleanest Beach in Keep Australia Beautiful‘s 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards. In July 2010, Whitehaven Beach was named the top Eco Friendly Beach in the world by Dogs are not permitted on the beach and cigarette smoking is prohibited.

Whitehaven Beach is known for its white sands. The sand consists of 98% pure silica which gives it a bright white color. Local rocks do not contain silica so it has been suggested that the sands were brought to the beach via prevailing sea currents over millions of years.

Unlike regular sand, the sand on Whitehaven Beach does not retain heat making it comfortable to walk barefoot on a hot day. This sand is also very fine, and can damage electronic equipment such as telephones and cameras, although it is good at polishing up jewellery[citation needed]. (Wikipedia)


Tulum (Yucatec: Tulu’um) is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Cobá. The ruins are situated on 12-meter (39 ft) tall cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayas; it was at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries and managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico. (Wikipedia)

Anse Source D’Argent

#1 of Awesome Beaches Around The World
Anse Source d’Argent, one of La Digue’s many beaches.
La Digue is the third largest inhabited island of the Seychelles in terms of population, lying east of Praslin and west of Felicite Island. In terms of size it is the fourth largest granitic island of Seychelles after Mahé, Praslin and Silhouette Island. It has a population of about 2,000 people, who mostly live in the west coast villages of La Passe (linked by ferry to Praslin and Mahé) and La Réunion. There is no airport on La Digue; to get there from a different country, one has to fly to Victoria, take the ferry to Praslin and then take another ferry to La Digue. It has an area of 10 km², which makes it relatively easy to travel around on a bicycle. La Digue is named after a ship in the fleet of French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, who visited the Seychelles in 1768. (Wikipedia)

Source: List & Pictures – Touropia / Text: Wikipedia

Still not found a destination to travel to in 2015? here some more exiting suggestions

Yes 2015 has just started, but it is never too early to start planning a nice holiday…these hotels might inspire you…

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Fairy Chimney Hotel, Turkey





The “Fairy Chimney” guesthouse is located at the upper south-west end of the village Goreme in the heart of Cappadocia. Big parts of it are carved out of one of these famous tufa rock cones, which are locally called ‘fairy chimneys’ (peri bahcasi). The “Fairy Chimney Inn” is restored in a traditional way and tries to combine original local style and modern function.

The Glass Floor Udang House, Bali, Indonesia



Udang House or Shrimp House is the most unique home of the Bambu Indah estate and perhaps in Bali. Situated above a fresh shrimp pond, this house has tempered glass floor panels for an underwater panorama of crustaceans in action. Authentic shrimp baskets have been converted into lamps for a total fishing village experience.

 Harry Potter Hotel, London





The chambers have been created to transport you to another world! They have a gothic feel, with 4 poster beds, potion bottles and cauldrons, and unexpected wizardly details! They are completely different to any room you will ever have stayed in, yet in their own way they are very beautiful, and don’t worry, they include full English breakfast in your stay, and not a ghoulish feast of entrails!

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile



The crossing of the Andes is one of the most amazing activities you can experience. Huilo Huilo is located near the border (Hua Hum pass), just 80 km away from San Martín de los Andes, in the National Park of Lanín in Argentina.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada




Built on vision and engineering these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world while providing a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all.

Attrap Reves Hotel, France




At nightfall, contemplate the milky way! Everything here is designed not to close your eyes! Hush, here’s the moon showing its face…Sweet bubble dreams!

Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Sweden



Photo Credit:
Source: Kolarbyn

At STF Kolarbyn neither electricity nor running water disturb your wilderness experience. Here you can happily fall asleep in front of the crackling fireplace and awake to beautiful bird song.

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden



Photo Credit:

ICEHOTEL is the world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice and is located in Jukkasjarvi, a small village at the top of northern Sweden with 1,100 inhabitants and about 1000 dogs.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden




The suite is situated next to our festivity hall, 155 m under ground surrounded by winding galleries and thrilling cavities.

Martin’s Patershof Church Hotel, Mechelen, Belgium





Do you like places full of history, or are you looking for an unforgettable experience during your stay in Belgium? Then, the Friar Minor church in Mechelen is perfect for you! Martin’s Patershof offers you the comfort of a 4-star hotel in a breathtaking setting created by the arched ceilings, the imposing pillars, the stained-glass windows and the many religious details.

 Zaan Inn Hotel, Netherlands



Zaandam is known worldwide for the Zaanse Schans with its Oudhollandsche houses and beautiful windmills, and annually attracts around 1 million visitors. It is actually a small village in Zaandam

The Southern Ocean Lodge On Kangaroo Island, Australia


Photo Credit: John Taylor

Southern Ocean Lodge is Australia’s first true luxury lodge, offering a unique and exclusive travel experience on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Floating atop a secluded cliff on a rugged stretch of coast, the lodge commands peerless views of the wild Southern Ocean and pristine Kangaroo Island wilderness. Sensitive, intimate and sophisticated, Southern Ocean Lodge is a sanctuary of refined comfort and luxe, Kangaroo Island style.

 “The Crazy House” Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam




The Crazy House was formally called “Hang Nga Villa”; the change of name was made because some people copied its original name for their buildings.

Otherwise known as the “Crazy House,” this Gaudi-meets-Sesame Street theme park is one not to miss. It’s a wild mass of wood and wire fashioned into the shape of a giant tree house and smoothed over in concrete.

 V8 Hotel, Stuttgart





In the Swabian car metropolis of Stuttgart, surrounded by the historic charm of a former airport site, you’ll find the exclusive V8 HOTEL.
Extensively restored, this 4-star hotel not only impresses through its historical flair, but also offers an exceptional setting for your stay. Both design and architecture are all about the automobile: legendary vintage cars, sporty young timers, exclusive and special classic cars, make the hearts of the technology enthusiasts, the aesthetes and the nostalgic go racing.

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore



With each of its 29 rooms featuring original works of award-winning local agencies like Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious, it can be said that the hotel was designed with the madcap wanderer in mind.

Tubhotel, Mexico





Creatively styled back-packers hotel in Mexico

List found on EarthPorm
Pictures and text are taken from the hotel websites

Some brilliantly beautiful hotels to put on your list for 2015

If your budget is somewhat luxurious you might want to visit one of these exquisite Hotels this year?

medihoo_logo Should you ever be in need of an health care provider in any of these places 
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Click the names to get directly to the hotel’s website.
(Text is from the hotel’s website)

Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily

Set high in the rocky hills on the east coast of Sicily, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo has long been known as one of Italy’s most glamorous retreats.

The first hotel to be built in Taormina, it sits in the most perfect location, directly in front of the Greek Theatre. Sweeping views of the coastline and majestic Mount Etna stretch out beyond.

This heritage building is a landmark within its destination. Let Sicily come to you as you admire its gardens, savour sensational local cuisine and sit out on the Literary Terrace where generations of celebrated guests have gathered in the sun.

Lion Sands, South Africa

“We are so fortunate that Lion Sands Game Reserve, passed down through generations, is known as one of South Africa’s premier private game reserves. With four luxury safari lodges located within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Kruger National Park, our guests are promised a personalised safari in the company of people with an insatiable appetite for Africa, its wildlife, and its unparalleled hospitality…. We hope to share it with you!” Robert More (CEO)

Aqua Dome, Austria

In the heart of the unique alpine world of Tyrol’s Ötztal valley, the First Class Superior hotel AQUA DOME impresses with a smart combination of traditional alpine charm, warm hospitality and contemporary architecture. Its thermal spa, which is directly connected with the hotel, is the best thermal resort in the Alpine region and houses unlimited offers for bathing, wellness, fitness and beauty – at every season of the year.

Conrad Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

The island of Conrad Maldives Rangali is the next best thing to paradise with its tropical location which is surrounded by a stunning coral reef, lagoon and views of the turquoise ocean that will leave you breathless with white beaches….

Hotel de Glace, Canada

The design of the Hôtel de Glace draws inspiration from space-time, a theme that takes visitors on a dazzling journey through successive areas, where past and future remain frozen in time: “With representations of the ancient past or of a possible future, the Hôtel de Glace invites visitors to explore facets of reality as they travel through time.  Along the way, fascinating ‘time bubbles’ – from the Big Bang to space travel – are featured throughout the hotel,” Pierre l’Heureux, the new artistic director of the Hôtel de Glace.

Ashford Castle Hotel, Ireland

The magnificent five star Ashford Castle is set in 350 acres, on the picturesque shores of Lough Corrib. Dating back to 1228, the castle now enters a new chapter in its history, as part of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection. With 82 guest rooms, a wealth of activities and thoughtful touches, enjoy acclaimed Irish hospitality on a grand scale.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Rising majestically above the 600 acre beach front resort of Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain Resort on St. Lucia’s south-western Caribbean coastline is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating St. Lucia’s stunning scenic beauty.

Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

The Villa Honegg is a unique 5-star superior establishment in the heart of Switzerland on mount Bürgenstock. This long-established hotel was built in 1905 and reopened for business in May 2011 following a major refit. For its size, it is unique in Switzerland in terms of what it offers. As a haven of peace and privacy, it enjoys an incomparable setting.

Hotel Moulin de Roc, France

The hotel’s fifteen rooms are distributed between the three parts of the Mill and are connected between them by a beautiful labyrinth of footbridges, terraces and intimate staircases.

Every room offers the charm of classic furniture, exposed beams and the comfort of the modern life.

Hotel Parador de Ronda, Spain

The Parador is situated in a spectacular spot in the heart of the city, beside Ronda’s emblematic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). It is housed in the former town hall building. The location is incredible, with unparalleled views of the Tagus River, a ravine 120 meters deep. Inside the hotel, you will enjoy the blue, green, yellow and red tones of the colorful fabrics that decorate its bright, spacious rooms. You can go for a swim or sunbathe in the gardens by the swimming pool, or marvel at the views from the guest rooms, many of which are duplexes with a terrace.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is the leading business, leisure and entertainment destination in Asia.

Take a rest with the view of Singapore city, ocean, or gardens through the floor-to-ceiling windows in our rooms. Enjoy privileged access to the infinity pool – one of the must-go attractions in Singapore.

St. Regis, Lhasa, Tibet

Be seduced by an unfolding series of delightful moments in three remarkable restaurants and our intriguing wine bar. Experience healing Tibetan treatments in the splendid Iridium Spa and bask in the warmth of our sparkling Golden Energy Pool.

These were a few hotels of the list put together by Distractify

Tired after work and looking for a nice place to have a drink? Visiting a city and seeking a place to relax? Look no further…

Here some of the winners of the world’s best bars 2014!



Winner of the ‘World’s Best Bar’ for three consecutive years by Drinks International, Artesian is on the forefront of the sophisticated London bar scene.

The relaxed, friendly environment of Artesian is combined with experimental cocktails that are not seen in any other bar in London.

Source: The Artesian


The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog embodies the conviviality of Old New York and the Irish-American tradition.

It is dedicated to advancing the art and practice of hospitality, as it was understood then and as it is understood now, for all residents of and visitors to this great metropolis.

Source: The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog


Think while you drink at the Canon

The official title of barman Jamie Boudreau’s new First Hill cocktail den is Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium

Canon may call itself an emporium, but it’s really a research library for tipplers. The very look of the room is bookish.

Source: Seattle Weekly


Unassumingly hidden down a laneway in the middle of the CBD lies a whisky lover’s heaven. Saloon style with its long wooden countertop, Baxter will see you stop off for a drink or two.

Source: Urban Walkabout 


The interior at High Five is as drab and functional as the drinks are exquisite, emphasising precise technique (and even more precisely carved ice) over flashy mixology.

Source: theguardian


melbourne gastronome 28hks bar secret 28 hongkong street
A deliberately inconspicuous petit bar/restaurant hidden behind an ordinary and visibly plain building on Hong Kong street nearby to Clarke Quay. With it’s lack of a signpost you’re likely to wander around gawping at building numbers before finding it but once found and you step inside the shabby exterior you’ll find a trendy lowly lit New York inspired bar serving a range of peculiar liquors from around the world.

Source: Fashion Ferno



Intimate, atmospheric with a touch of retro chicness, this lovely corner in Viale Piave 1, is a great place to find original “branded” cocktails like no others in Milan, some of them inspired by cult tv series or even perfumes, making the Nottingham Forest reportedly one of the 50 best bars in the world.

Source: LustinFashion


This bar is a small hidden treasury; because you have to cross the restaurant, push the door in order to see the bar and the few tables. If you don’t know it, you will stay in the back room of the place. You can see it from one of the neighbouring street but you could never find the entry if you don’t know the “secret”.One side, you taste some yummy tapas.  And in the other side, you can enjoy the amazing spicy cocktails all the way from Bogota.

Source: Immense Sights


This tiny black room, named after former American president James Buchanan and his vice-president, John Breckinridge, occupies a prime location in Mitte. It’s disguised as an art gallery from the outside, they churn out exquisite drinks such as the eponymous house special: a tasty, muscular mix of cognac, bitters, absinthe and champagne.

Source: theguardian


An enterprise inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a famous patron of bars who lent his name to more than a few cocktails. He famously improved many recipes, which is why bars throughout the world today prepare cocktails such as the Hemingway Daiquiri and his Papa Doble.

Source: Hemingway Bar


Their claim: 

“Door 74 is the first speakeasy style cocktailbar in The Netherlands. We have the requisite hidden door, antique barware, tin ceiling and sophisticated atmosphere, plus delicious and perfectly balanced creations from Timo Janse-de Vries and his team.”

Source: Door 74


A bit hidden away in Moscow’s Chinatown one can find a cool little cocktail den in Moscow, converted  from a tea-house the bar lays under a Chinese restaurant.

The tea ceremonies are in the past, now everything revolves around the bar with its excellent cocktails.


Edinburgh bramble bar bars pubs 882 large

Bramble’s charms are subtle and discreet. Centrally located, a small sign at street level points the way to the subterreanean warren of bare-brick snugs and dimly lit rooms. The ambience, mood, music and staff all focus on the bar’s dedication to the enjoyment and appreciation of cocktails, with a number of their original recipes standing the test of time.

Source: Cool Places 


Dry Martini is the cocktail bar of Barcelona that has become an icon in the Cocktail World. It opened over 30 years ago. In the begining, when the founder of mixology, Don Pere Carbonell, ran it, the Dry Martini Cocktail Bar was a Martinería: only served Dry Martini.  When Javier de las Muelas received its bequest, he wanted to maintain the essence of a classic cocktail bar: he maintained the English style of a cocktail bar: leather, wood and brass;

Source: Dry Martini 


The air at Florería Atlántico, in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, is decadent with the scent of fresh flowers. Some pedestrians may wander in looking for a bouquet for an aggrieved girlfriend or wine for a dinner party, but those in the know are aware of what lies beneath the unassuming flower and wine shop. Inside, a hulking refrigerator door swings back to reveal the entrance to a subterranean chamber. This in-vogue restaurant and lounge is underground in every sense of the word.

Source: Courconnect


Using this creative approach to cocktails, Quinary seeks to engage all five senses. With renowned bartender Antonio Lai at the helm, expect the unexpected. Flavour and aroma combinations together with different textures, appearances and even sounds will challenge every preconception held about cocktails. Where classics take on a new twist, where new drinks may become tomorrow’s classics, Quinary will take you on a sensory experience into the new world of cocktails.

Source: Quinary


In the town of Tequila in western Mexico there’s a small, non-descript cantina called La Capilla, which happens to be bucket list stop for the world’s cocktail nerds. La Capilla (which translates literally to “the chapel,”) is the home of the batanga, a simple tequila cocktail created by Don Javier Delgado Corona, the bar’s owner, some time in the 1950’s. Now in his nineties, Don Javier can still be found behind the bar, mixing up his famous refresher for tequila-thirsty travelers and locals alike. (source: saveur)

Picture Source: Saveur

Don’t know where to go yet in 2015? look at these inspirational pictures…

Isn’t this just amazing?

Here some inspirational pictures for your 2015 travels…enjoy

1. River of Flowers, Keukenhof, Holland.


2. Melissani Cave in Greece


3. Dunnottar Castle, Scotland


4. Rocamadour, France


5. Foss a Sidu, Southern Iceland


6. Green Fly Geyser, Nevada


7. River House, Serbia


8. Strokkur, Iceland


9. Potato Chip Rock, California
skala Potato Chip Rock - samoe strashnoe mesto v mire


10. Tat Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos


11. Jacob’s Well, Texas


List put together by Traveleress


Never heard of AirBnB?

It is “a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetise their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.” (see About us at AirBnB)

Here 22 AirBnB put on the bucket list by  from Flying the nest  (great travel inspiration blog! Thanks!)

22. Yellowstone Tipi

Location: West Yellowstone, MT, United States

Yellowstone Tipi

Yellowstone Tipi


21. The Boot

Location: Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand

The Boot

The Boot(source)

20. Vintage Airstream

Location: Peggy Sue, Rye, Victoria, Australia

Vintage Airstream

Vintage Airstream


19. Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool

Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool


18. Glass Tree House

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Glass Tree House

Glass Tree House


17. King of the Castle

Location: Galway, Galway, Ireland

King of the Castle

King of the Castle


16. Night on a Yacht

Location: Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain

Night on a Yacht

Night on a Yacht


15. Glass Cabin

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Glass Cabin

Glass Cabin


14. Geodesic Dome

Location: Bethlehem, CT, United States

Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome


13. Fairytale Treehouse

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Fairytale Treehouse

Fairytale Treehouse


12. A-Frame Cabin

Location: Gasquet, CA, United States

A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame Cabin


11. Spend the night in an Igloo

Location: Kühtai, Tirol, Austria

Spend the night in an Igloo

Spend the night in an Igloo


10. Clock Tower Guest Suite

Location: Greater London, United Kingdom

Clock Tower Guest Suite

Clock Tower Guest Suite


9. Jungle Tree House

Location: San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua

Jungle Tree House

Jungle Tree House


8. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

Location: Cottonwood, ID, United States

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B


7. Night Under the Stars

Location: Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile

Night Under the Stars

Night Under the Stars


6. Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel

Location: Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel

Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel


5. Tree Sparrow House

Location: St. Keverne, England, United Kingdom

Tree Sparrow House

 Tree Sparrow House


4. The Seashell House

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Seashell House

The Seashell House


3. Cubehouse

Location: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands




2. Airplane Suite

Location: Teuge, Gelderland, Netherlands

Airplane Suite

Airplane Suite


1. Alone on your very own Fiji Island

Location: Nanuku Levu, Fiji

Alone on your very own Fiji Island

Alone on your very own Fiji Island