World Health Summit 2015 / 11-13 October 2015


Held once a year, the WHS has grown into the world’s most prominent forum for addressing global health issues. It brings together key leaders from academia, politics, civil society, and the private sector to address the most pressing health-related challenges on the planet. (Vision and Goals >>>)

The WHS enjoys the patronage of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the President of the French Republic and the President of the European Commission.

11-13 October 2015

Berlin, Germany

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International Conference on public health / 13-14 May 2015


Promoting Global Health through equitable access to health system

The 1st International conference on Public Health (ICOPH 2015) is a vital platform to discuss and examine about widespread public concerns in fast moving world. Due to the revolutionary disciplines of technological advancements people are moving away from the concept called health conscious. But it again comes to the floor due to the unavoidable importance. There are wide varieties of health systems around the world consist with many histories and organizational structures as there are nations. However, health care planning has been described as often evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

With all of the above debates and concerns, ICOPH 2015, Colombo has set up with the its objectives based on the theme of “Promoting Global Health through equitable access to health system”.

13 – 14 May 2015
Galadari Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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3rd International One Health Congress / 15-18 March 2015

3rd International One Health Congress

 The One Health concept is based on the recognition that human and animal health are inextricably linked. Humans and animals have socio-economic interactions through direct physical contact, the food chain and the environment. Therefore, the health and well-being of all species can only be safeguarded by enhancing cooperation and collaboration between physicians, veterinarians, and other scientific health professionals. This will be achieved by effectively coupling the know-how and infrastructure available in the human and veterinary-agricultural domain.

15 – 18 March 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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