10 foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for

An easy way to remember for which parts of your body some foods are good – just look closely at them:

Here a list of 10 foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for and some links to more information why they are good for these body parts…enjoy reading/eating

1. Carrot: Eye

Carrot is rich in carotene. Scientific research has shown that, the large number of carotene contained in carrot can promote human blood flow to the eyes, so as to help protect eyesight and make the eyes look brighter.

2. Walnut: Brain

Walnut is like a miniature brain. At present, it has been found out that walnut contains more than thirty-six kinds of neurotransmitters, which can help develop the function of the brain.

3. Celery: Bone

Celery contains 23% of sodium, which can strengthen the bones of human body.

4. Avocados: Uterus

Avocado can protect the health of women’s uterus and cervix uterus. Research has shown that, if women eat one avocado every week, it can balance the level of estrogen in their body, reduce the excessive weight after childbirth, as well as prevent cervical cancer.

5. Clams: Testicles

Clam contains a lot of nucleic acid, which is an indispensable substance for the production of genetic factor and sperm.

6. Grapefruit: Breast

Orange contains a large number of antioxidants, which is the most abundant in all the fruits. In addition, it contains more than 170 different kinds of plant chemical compositions. These chemical substances can alleviate the symptoms of mammary gland hyperplasia. As a result, orange is really the best fruit which is beneficial to the health of breast.

7. Tomato: Heart

Tomato is rich in lycopene. The experiment has proved that lycopene has the effect of reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. As a result, the patients who suffer from high cholesterol can eat more tomatoes in daily diets.

8. Red Wine: Blood

Red wine can promote blood circulation and soften blood vessels.

9. Ginger: Stomach

The capsaicin contained in ginger can stimulate the production of bile, thus speeding up the digestion of fat. In addition, ginger contains a lot of enzymes, which can speed up the decomposition of the protein in the body, so it can promote the digestion of oil and fatty food.

10. Sweet Potatoes: Pancreas

Sweet potato looks like human pancreas. In fact, it is really very beneficial to the health of pancreas. Research has found out that sweet potato can balance the glycemic index of the patients who suffer from diabetes.

List & Pictures Source: Womansday
Text Source: LookChem

Another great Food-Infographic including tips on food storage

Healthy living is very much related to healthy food and the preparation of it. This nice infographic can help you in your Kitchen.

Next to metric conversions it contains cooking times, storage tips and other interesting info…


Found on: DailyInfographic

Need support in getting / staying fit? These apps may help you…

Monitoring how much we exercise (from simply walking around to full fletch fitness program) how much water we drink and what we eat can help us in getting fitter or staying fit.
These apps are designed to help you with it:


Set your personal goals and keep track of your running-achievements. Listen to music whilst training. Get motivated by a community of runners.  Whether you’re walking, running whether your a beginner or a professional the RunKeeper app is a nice companion for al your running activities.

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Drinking water is essential for our wellbeing. Many of us however neglect it or have no clue of how much water intake we had.
This app will help you keeping track of our water consumption throughout the day. It allows you to set goals and will motivate you to reach them.

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7 Minute Workout Challenge 

Earlier we already posted about the scientific 7 minutes workout and showed a itunes movie and an infographic (see our blog-post). Now you can add also this app to it. No more excuses that we have no time to exercise. A 7 minute workout can always be squeezed in, even when your calendar is extremely busy.

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Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer 

A very complete “Exercise Workout Trainer” with hundreds of different exercises explained with images and videos for the more complex ones.
Furthermore you can set your own goals, track your calorie intake with more than 90.000 food items, possibility to share your achievement with others  and much more.

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Knowing what your eating and keeping track of it can be an important part of your fitness program and can help in keeping or reducing weight. This app makes it very easy to keep track of your food intake. Simply enter the food by selecting from a vast library of different food items.
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Yoga Studio 

Yoga may be an interesting addition to your fitness program.

Take your Yoga studio with you. This app offers you 65 Yoga Classes and shows the various poses. Select your level, duration and focus (strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or combination) and find classes that match these selections.
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5k Runner 

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Zombies, Run! 

This app offer you an interesting push to keep running. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, it works at any speed. The app immerses you in an action packed game.
If you want to do some serious workout the app can force you to speed up to escape the hordes of zombies that are chasing you.

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Smoke Free 

Giving up on smoking can be very hard. This app may help you to quit. It tracks your achievements and give visual feedback on how your health might improve the money you save.

It might be just the incentive you need to achieve your goals?

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker 

Their claim: “Everything You Need to Loose Weight in One Place”: Calorie tracker, workout program, daily motivations and tips, personalized meal plans from an nutritionist, charts, goals, communication support,…

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Content source: respective websites and app descriptions