Expat explorer survey 2014: Expats at a glace



Interesting infographic which is the result of an online survey with 9.288 expats from 100 countries showing that:

47% have been expat on multiple occasions

38% move abroad to improve job prospects

Switzerland is ranks as overall top location

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Source: HSBC

Expat life: not always a smooth ride…

Often Expat life is viewed as a holiday like experience by others. However Expat life is not always a smooth ride. There are many problems an expatriate family can run into.

This Infographic gives an overview of some of these problem-areas. We post it not with the intention to discourage you but rather to inform. Reading it might help you to gain some inside and in some cases it might help to avoid problems.

Expat Life: Not Always A Smooth Ride!

Source: Ute’s Expat Lounge