“Nicht nur für Weltreisende” – Tageblatt Interview with Jeroen Van de Velde (Founder of Medihoo)

by Jean-Philippe Schmit

Tageblatt Interview

  Tageblatt Interview 

On Monday 20 April 2015 in the “Economy” section of the Tageblatt an interview appeared titled “Nicht nur für Weltreisende”.

In this interview Jeroen Van de Velde – Founder of Medihoo – explains Medihoo’s goal to bring high quality health care closer to the people and emphasizes the community-based character of Medihoo.

He says the globale health provider search platform is not merely a place where people can find health care providers all over the world, but it also a community where everyone can contribute and recommend good health care providers by adding them to Medihoo or by filling in the satisfaction surveys.

Read the article: Nicht nur für Welreisende (German language)

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