Medihoo European AppCup winner

Medihoo named winner in the European AppCup – Venue Impressions & Press Release

Medihoo Named Winner in CityNext Category of the 2015 European AppCpp

Third annual Microsoft-sponsored competition recognizes excellence in European application development



Brussels, Belgium — March 25, 2015 — in Brussels, Medihoo from Luxembourg was named as the winner of the Microsoft CityNext category in the company’s third annual European AppCup, a competition created to recognize innovative application development in Europe. Medihoo’s winning application was created to help users share their healthcare experiences and create a database of trusted and well-reviewed medical professionals. The app can be downloaded here.

The competition began with entries from 27 countries, and 9 finalists from 8 countries competed for prizes in three categories – business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and Microsoft CityNext which was focused on applications to help improve cities.

The competition was held as part of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners’ (IAMCP) annual Europe Summit, which brings together 2000 IAMCP and Microsoft BizSpark members from across Europe. It is the largest gathering of European IAMCP partners that facilitates networking, business development, and European policy discussions.

Speaking at the event, Celine Bremaud, vice president of the Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners group for Microsoft in Europe, the Middle East and Africa said, “Our core mission at Microsoft is to reinvent productivity to empower every individual and organization to achieve more. We have a long-term commitment to partnering with Europe to help its start-ups, developers and small businesses thrive, and the European AppCup is a fantastic opportunity to recognize these amazing European innovators who are creating applications that are helping people achieve more and entertain more.”

Upon being named winner, Jeroen Van de Velde, founder of MediHoo, said: “MediHoo is about bringing healthcare closer to the people. We are a community-based business, so events like these are very important to network and connect with both individuals and potential business partners who can help grow our community and ensure everyone can get access to good healthcare providers, no matter where they are.”

Another 13 apps that may ease your travels


Search-ResultSearch-Result_1In need of a health care provider whilst traveling or as expatriate on assignment abroad?

It is not easy to find good providers in a foreign environment and looking for them in local media resources in an new language can be very cumbersome. This app allows you to find health care providers around you. On the website one can also rate and recommend/add health providers. Hence the claim “Let’s Share Good Care”

For: Microsoft Phone (Free)
Source: Medihoo

2 Photosynth


Normal pictures simply do not excite you anymore…you are looking to capture your travels with something more than static pictures?

This app actually allows you to capture your environment in 3D and 360-degrees. Excellent for travelers that want to remember everything more vividly.

For: iOS & Microsoft phone
Source: Photosynth

3 Fly Delta for iPad

Delta Fly Glass Bottom Jet

There are many airline-apps on the market.

This app has a lot of features you would expect from a airline-app (flight schedules, gate announcements, …)

But is also enhances your travel experience with cool features such as bird-eye view of the locations one is flying above.

For: iOS (Ipad – free)
Source: Fly Delta

4 101 Things to do before you go abroad

101 Things to do before you go abroad

Why should only professionals be able to recommend what where you should go and what you should see?

This Facebook app is building a list of 101 best English experiences.

It is directed towards everyone and invites people to vote and make suggestions on what to see and visit in the UK.

For: iOS & Android
Source: 101Thingstodoinengland

5 Splid

Splid Security insurance

In the time and age where everything sound recordings/pictures can be altered afterwards this app offers a guarantee that the pictures and sounds stored with it have not been altered since they were entered. Under the motto seeing is believing, the app can be an insurance for many things you may encounter on your travels (dirty hotel rooms, car accidents, inedible food, aggression) which might necessitate making a specific claim. This app may offer you the necessary “proof” you need to support your claim.

For: iOS
Source: Splid

6 Minube

Are you a big fan of communities? Do you like to get infos and recommendations from fellow travelers? Then check out this app:

This easy to use app gives you tips and recommendations on where to stay, what to visit, where to eat and a lot more from millions of fellow travelers.

For: iOS & Android & Microsoft phone
Source: Minube

Airports by TravelNerd


Knowing your way around in any place can be helpful, especially when traveling and passing through an airport

Need to find your way on any given airport? Where are the gates, where is there a free wifi zone, where are the toilets: This app can come in handy.

For: iOS (Free)
Source: TravelNerd

Air France Music

There is music in the air. And this is to be taken literally. This app gives you access to tons of music and other entertainment items.

Also some exclusive non released titles can be found through the app.

For: iOS & Android

Source:  Air France Music

Xe Currency

Every person traveling outside the zone of his home currency will need it: a currency conversion tool. Unless you are a mathematical genius most you will probably benefit from not having to calculate all conversions yourself. This is a straight forward app doing just that. It is accurate and allows you to store historical rates. 

For: iOS & Android
Source: XE Currency Converter

10 SeatGuru

seatguru app

Every airplane is different. What are the best seats? This app shares this kind of information from millions of flyers.

Which seats are closest to the toilets. Which seats get often bumped into by people moving up the cabin. This unique kind of information is what this app is all about.

For: iOS & Android
Source: SeatGuru

11 Waze

waze app

Yes most of built-in or mobile GPS devices already have some sort of traffic announcements. But before hitting the road you might want to consider downloading this app: a social GPS traffic announcement

Their claim: “Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers. Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute.”

For: iOS & Android
Source: Waze

12 SnapCast


You think taking photos of your traveling experiences is just somewhat too boring?

Than try this app: it lets you take videos that you can easily post on your blog or travel website with no necessity to spend too much time editing.

Now you can surprise your readers with existing new post that show your personal videos

For: iOS
Source: SnapCast

13 TripIt Free

TripItNeed some support in organizing your travels? This app may help you in doing just that:

Their claim: The “where have you been all my life” travel organizing app

TripIt automagically creates a master itinerary for every trip for instant access to all your travel plans—anytime, on any device.

For: iOS & Android
Source: TripIt

Apart from number 1 the list has been taken from CNN
The text is based on respective descriptions on the provider’s websites

20 great travel-apps…

Looking for some apps that may make your live easier when traveling? Here is a handful of those



Looking for a private jet? This app connects you to carriers near you.

Whether you’re looking for private use or you want to share with others, you can find small to large aircrafts through this app.

For: iOS & Android
Source: JetSmarter


PackPoint packing list builder

What to pack for your trip?  This app makes up your checklist based on the information your give it: length of your trip, occasion, planned activities, weather at your destination etc.

For: iOS & Android.
Source:  PackPoint



Entrain connects users to lighting schedules developed by researchers at the University of Michigan. These schedules are mathematically proven to adjust you to new time zones as quickly as possible. Light is the primary driving input to the circadian clock, and by recording your lighting history, it can simulate your body’s clock and make recommendations for behavior.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: Entrain



Looking for transportation in a give city? This app connects you to drivers and shows you realtime where they are. It is available in more than 200 cities around the world and is rapidly expanding.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: Uber

SleepSounds HQ

SleepSounds HQ

Trouble falling asleep whilst traveling? This app offers instant relaxation with over 600 soothing sounds from around the world. Sleep deeply and wake up fresh and energized.

For: iOS
Source: SleepSounds HQ



This is a web-app which plots the precise location of the great wildebeest migration in real time to a Google map and in a Twitter-style timeline. HerdTracker is publicly accessible from any web browser – desktop, mobile or tablet.

For: Online application
Source: HeardTracker

7 Google Maps

Google Maps

This app allows you to find directions on a map and safe your personally favorite locations. It also allow to share recommendations on the places you have visited.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: Google Maps

8 Worldmate


This app targets business travelers and allows to stores all the vital information you’ll need for managing, planning and organizing your trip (e.g. hotel bookings, flight schedule, connection with outlook and linkedin account)

For: iOS & Android & Microsoft phone
Source: Worldmate

9 Quintessentially


This is a concierge service app with many possibilities. Whether you are looking to book a table in a given restaurant, needs some VIP cards for a certain venue or want to organise a gift for someone, through this app you can let it all be arranged.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: Quintessentially

10 The Entertainer

The Entertainer

This app follows the principle “buy one get one for free”

It offers discount coupons for business (restaurants, hairdressers, fitness studios ,…) near you and is available in over 15 countries.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: The Entertainer

11 The Converted by Ideon

The Converted by Ideon

Traveling means being confronted with all kinds of different measurement units. This app helps you to convert then into units you know and understand. Whether it is currency, distance or weight units this app converts them all.

For: iOS & Android.
Source: The converted by Ideon

12 Wikitude


Visiting a city and you don’t know what you’re seeing? With this app and your smartphone’s camera you can hoover and get feedback about what you’re seeing around you. Monuments, accommodations, restaurant etc, many things are available and read from existing information providers such as yelp, tripadvisor, twitter etc.

For: iOS & Android & Microsoft phone & Blakberry
Source: Wikitude

13 Hotel Tonight

 Hotel Tonight

Where to turn when you’re in urgent need of a hotel-room? Frequent travelers know all about what can go wrong e.g. wrong hotel booked, flight delayed / cancelled, meeting unexpectedly extended etc. or are you just not the planning kind of person?

This app allows find last minute available rooms in your proximity.

For: iOS & Android & Microsoft phone & Blakberry
Source: Hotel Tonight

14 City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

 City Maps 2 Go

Planing on using a map extensively when you visit a city, but afraid there is not going to be a good network available or simply afraid of the (roaming) costs? This app lets you download offline maps for many locations around the world.

For: iOS & Android
Source: no website only through app stores

15 The Roller Coaster Guide

 Roller Coaster Guide

Looking for fun when you’re traveling? What about this app…it shows more than 4 500 rollercoasters in more than 1 700 amusement-parks.

A must for rollercoaster lovers.

For: iOS
Source: no website only through app stores

16 Pingspot


Want to remember wich places you loved during your travels (restaurants, spas, local business) and share with your friends? This app enables you to do just that!

For: iOS
Source: Pingspot

17 Flying


Keep track of you flights at all time. This app claiming to be the ultimate flight companion it tracks the distance you flew and gives information on our flight details such as departure times, gate etc.

For: iOS
Source: Flying

18 iStone


A predicament for many travelers. Being somewhere you don’t understand the language and can not express your basic needs. Don’t let that stop you…this app will help you to ask for the most common things in a great variety of languages.

For: iOS
Source: no website only through app stores

19 Packing Pro


Can be annoying: arriving at your destination finding out you forgot to pack an essential things for your trip. Yep, you can put everything you’re going to need on a piece of paper, or you can try out this app which may help you to pack cleverly.

For: iOS
Source: PackingPro

20 Postagram 


Are you unable to find an original postcard? Then send a personal card which you have designed yourself with pictures from your smartphone.

For: iOS & Android
Source: Postagram

List and pictures through CNN